3 Ways to Boost Your Energy

I’m writing this tip just after the Spring Equinox and a glance at the natural world will tell you that spring has arrived at last. Gardens, trees and hedgerows have suddenly erupted with energy and growth. It feels wonderful — and a huge relief after such an interminably long, dreary and waterlogged winter!

With the longer days bringing some warmth and sunshine we’re naturally inclined to feel more positive and energetic at this time of year.  But if you’re still feeling a little sluggish or stuck, here are a few ideas for boosting your energy and getting things flowing again:

Chuck Stuff Out
I’m a huge fan of decluttering. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, having a good clear out is pretty much guaranteed to give you a huge energy boost and, importantly, clear the way for new opportunities to come into your life. And if you’re feeling a bit stuck it can help to get you back in the flow and moving forward again.

Make a list of all the clutter hot-spots in your house and/or office and start with the easiest. Just clearing out one drawer or a single shelf will be enough to get the momentum going.

If you’re struggling with paperwork, asking yourself if you could get hold of an item again if you needed it (download it, get a copy from the person who sent it to you, etc) will make it much easier to file it in the bin.

To help make other decisions, you can use the 3-question Clutter Test from Karen Kingston’s excellent book ‘Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui’.
1.  Does it lift my spirits when I look at or think about it?
2.  Do I absolutely love it?
3.  Is is genuinely useful?
If you can’t answer ‘yes’ to any of those questions then be ruthless and get rid.

Zap your ‘Tolerations’
Tolerations are all those things that irritate us and drain our energy. They wear us down and can impede our natural ability to attract success.  Often it’s the tiny things that annoy us the most and that are easiest to sort out: a squeaky door, filthy car, that stain on the carpet, a broken toaster or the pile of junk waiting to go to the tip. Maybe there are pending DIY jobs, unfinished projects, or accounts that have to be tackled. At the other end of the spectrum there may be things which will require a lot more time and effort to sort out.  Perhaps it’s your job or a relationship that’s getting you down; or you don’t like where you live and need to consider moving.

Large and small, make a list of everything you’ve been putting up with and start working through it. Begin with the easy stuff and keep working your way through the list until all the items have been eliminated. Not only will it feel great and free up masses of energy but you’ll create that all-important space for new things to come into your life.

Purge Your To-do List
Think about all the things you do in a typical day. And then consider your long term goals. How many of those activities are relevant?  Are they moving you towards your long-term goals?  Do they support your vision for your future?  If not, perhaps it’s time to drop them or delegate them to somebody else, leaving you to focus your valuable time and energy on what’s really important.

There’s a theme with all the above: sometimes it’s necessary to clear the way — and make space for — what we really want. Even if you don’t yet know what it is that you want, letting go of what no longer serves you will go a long way to opening the door to new possibilities. 

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