“A Cunning Plan”

It’s official:  September is the new January.  Well, it always feels that way to me: the new academic year has begun, many of us have returned from summer holidays (hopefully refreshed and invigorated) and in many respects it feels like the start of a new year.

And that makes it an ideal time to take stock and do some planning. Why not kick this off with a quick review: How has 2012 gone for you so far?  Take a moment to look back over the past nine months and write down everything you’ve achieved, no matter how small these achievements may be. It’s always important to acknowledge and celebrate our successes.  

Next, ask yourself this question: What one change (or changes) would make the most significant impact on my life over the next three months?  Jot down whatever comes to mind.  

If you need some prompts, consider these areas of your life: health, physical environment, finances, career, friends, family, recreation, personal growth, relationships, spiritual well-being…

Alternatively, imagine that it’s the final day of December and you’re looking back over the last months of the year with a real sense of achievement.  Consider what you’ve done — what changes you’ve made — what you’ve achieved to make the final quarter of the year so successful. 

Write these down. There may be several — or perhaps one simple but profound change which will really make the difference.

You should now have a list of goals to achieve between now and December.  A word of warning: make sure the ones you’ve chosen genuinely inspire and motivate you ― and aren’t those you feel you should do.

Ambitious goals can be divided into smaller action steps. Give each one a start and a finish date and leave space for a tick box so that you can acknowledge each step as you complete it ― always motivating. 

By doing this simple exercise you should end up with an energising focus and an action plan for the next three months, taking you into December with a satisfying feeling of accomplishment.  

Happy planning and have a great month.

© Annabel Sutton, Coaching Tips – 2012

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