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Back in June I bought a one-litre pot of red paint. My plan was to paint one of the walls in my office red to make it feel more cosy.  Because I didn't get round to the task right away I dumped the pot in the box room and ever since then not only have I tripped over it countless times, but its very presence has acted as a reproach and reminder that the job was still waiting to be done.  Every time I looked at it my heart would sink and I'd experience an immediate drop in energy.

Last week I marched purposefully into the box room, opened the pot and painted the wall. (It has since been suggested that "painting the wall red" might be an introverted version of "painting the town red"…!)  The wall looks great, but more importantly, finally dealing with the thing that's been bugging me for so long resulted in a surge of positive energy.
As the days grow shorter and the nights draw in, this can be a time of year when many of us experience a drop in energy. So it's the perfect time to give yourself a natural energy boost by dealing with all those things that have been irritating you. In coaching it's called… Zapping Your Tolerations.
Make a list of absolutely everything that's bugging you – annoying you – frustrating you; all the things that you're putting up with.  Often it's the tiny things that annoy the most and that are easiest to sort out, such as the dripping tap in the bathroom, a broken appliance, that stain on the carpet, a cluttered closet, filthy car, overdue bills or letters or the pile of stuff that's waiting to be taken to the tip. 
At the other end of the spectrum there may be significant items on your list which may well require more time and effort to deal with. Perhaps it's your job or a relationship that's getting you down; or you don't like where you live and need to consider moving.  
The key is that everything you're tolerating – large and small - will be draining your energy, making you feel irritable and wearing you down. Not only that, but they can reduce your natural ability to attract success.  Becoming aware of these things and dealing with them regularly is one of the key factors underpinning a successful and fulfilling life.
Once you've got your list, start working through it and crossing off each item as you complete it.  Start with the easy stuff – this will clear the way and give you the energy you need to face the larger items. Aim to pick at least three and handle them in the next week. Or you could set aside one whole day, or a weekend, and really blitz the list.  
Keep working your way through the list until all the items have been eliminated.  I guarantee it will make a huge difference and will free up lots of energy for more positive pursuits.

© Annabel Sutton, Coaching Tips – 2010

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