What If …?

Last November I sat down at a table at Costa Coffee, opened my notebook and wrote What If …? at the top of the page.  Half an hour later I left with a completely new structure for my coaching business — focusing only on those aspects which I’m really passionate about and which I find the most joyful — and letting go of the rest. This year I’ve been putting that structure into practice and it has made a radical difference to the way I approach, and feel about, my work. m What If… questions can lead you to exciting … Continue reading

Let’s Get Creative!

I’ve never really considered myself to be particularly creative. But a few years ago it struck me (like a bolt of lightening actually) that I really am.  After all, creativity doesn’t have to be confined to ‘the arts’.  It can show up everywhere: how we resolve problems, design a business, choose plants for the garden, cook or decorate our home. Over the years I’ve coached lots of ‘lapsed creatives’ who have allowed their creative pursuits to get pushed aside in favour of activities that will make money (very important of course) and/or that are perceived — by themselves and others … Continue reading