From Darkness Into Light

Last weekend I went to the Advent Service at Salisbury Cathedral.  At the beginning of the service, as the clock struck five, the cathedral was plunged into darkness.  One solitary candle was lit at the West Door and then gradually, to the sound of sublime choral plainsong, hundreds of candles were lit throughout the vast space of the cathedral.  It’s hard to describe just how deeply moving, uplifting and life-affirming the service was. Just before it began, we were invited to think about those who might perhaps be in a dark place in their lives. The service was a comforting … Continue reading

Dancing on Moving Carpets

Since returning from holiday I've noticed an extraordinarily consistent trend. Lots of people seem to be entering a period of uncertainty, turbulence and change. There's a general sense of feeling unsettled, off-kilter and in a state of flux, and many people are re-assessing their lives. What's going on? According to an astrologer friend of mine, the answer could literally lie in the stars! Apparently, the unusual alignment of the planets this year has been causing chaos all over the place. Think of the riots in England this summer; the uprisings of the Arab Spring; the turmoil in the financial markets… … Continue reading