Can You Tell Me what You Want..?

"I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want…"  (The Spice Girls)  I never thought I'd be using Spice Girls lyrics as the basis for one of my Coaching Tips, but for the purposes of this tip this particular line is spot on!  The start of the New Year is traditionally a time when we turn our thoughts to making changes in our lives.  Clearly, at the heart of this process lies the most fundamental of questions:  What do I want – what do I really want?  It's surprising how many people find this most question SO hard … Continue reading

Writing your Obituary

A couple of weeks ago I heard an interview with an amazing woman who had just completed the Atlantic Rowing Race.  She was the only woman to attempt the race and she rowed, single-handed, from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean.  She eventually crossed the finishing line after 103 days alone at sea, having rowed 3,000 miles. What really intrigued me about her story was the process which had led to her embarking on this extraordinary adventure.  After leaving University she had followed a typical career path – working her way up the corporate ladder, firstly as a Management Consultant … Continue reading

The Three Frogs

Question:  Three frogs are sitting on a water-lily leaf.  Two decide to jump.  How many are left? Answer:  Three. It's not enough simply to decide to jump; you've actually got to do it! This may be an old riddle, but it's a good reminder that thinking or dreaming about doing something isn't enough – you've got to get into action as well. After what has seemed like a very long winter, the days are at last becoming longer and a little warmer, the natural world is getting on with its cycle of growth and activity, and this Tip is all … Continue reading

Do Yourself Differently

The weekend before I left for my holiday I attended an extraordinary two-day workshop in Bristol called The Mastery.  Originally created in New York for actors, The Mastery has since morphed into a unique personal development workshop which was, without doubt, the most profound and life-changing experience I've had in decades of attending personal development courses. One of the themes that ran through the weekend was the intriguing invitation to Do Yourself Differently. Here was an opportunity to experiment with doing things differently and to be different from your normal self. All very well, but how does this work in … Continue reading

Kicking the Habit

Bad habits can be tough to break. After all, they’ve probably become ingrained over many years. But I believe absolutely that we can change any behaviour we want to, given a solid intention and a liberal dose of willpower. Many people believe the well-known saying that ‘leopards never change their spots’ — but I am completely convinced that the opposite is true. I’ve seen the proof countless times — and some of the changes I’ve witnessed have been truly radical. I’ve been putting this belief to the test over the past couple of weeks. One of my worst habits is … Continue reading