Free Initial Coaching Consultation

If you’re interested in life coaching — and would like to find out whether it’s right for you — this free, no obligation, 35-minute  consultation (in person or by phone) gives you the chance to …

  • Get all your questions about coaching answered
  • Experience some coaching for yourself on one of your goals
  • Explain in detail what kind of support you’re looking for
  • Make an informed decision whether coaching is right for you

Before the consultation you’ll receive some thought-provoking questions to work on — many people find that this alone helps them to make significant progress.


Book a free coaching consultation with Annabel now – contact me here

speech-1a-longerWhen Michelin starts rating life coaches, Annabel will get my vote for the exceptional three stars! Her support contains equal measures of integrity, intuition, kindness and pragmatism – all with the zest of humour. These ingredients make her the ideal travel companion on the often bumpy journeys of making changes and realising goals.

speech-2aDP, Manchester



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