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Wheel of Life

This exercise gives you an instant snapshot of how satisfied you currently are with all areas of your life – and an easy way to start figuring out what changes you’d like to make.

Wheel of Life

Creating an Inspiring Vision

At any stage of your life it’s important to have a clear idea of where you want to go. A powerful vision will inspire, motivate and pull you towards it.

Inspiring Vision 5-3-1-Plan

Buzz Moments

What makes you feel energised, excited, happy, fulfilled?  This exercise helps to uncover those things and you’ll end up with a list that you can use as your touchstone on which to base future life decisions.

Buzz Moments

Get Things Done Now

Have you ever felt that you’ve got so much to do it’s totally overwhelming?  Paperwork piled up around the office — dozens of emails to answer — phone calls to make — filing to be done — ironing board piled high — cupboards to be cleaned out…

Whether you’ve been putting off one massive task, or lots of smaller ones, the Kitchen Timer Technique can help

Get Things Done: Kitchen Timer Technique

How to Create Great Habits

Whatever you’re trying to achieve, personally or professionally, The 10 Daily Habits provide you with a daily routine which will help to keep you focused, motivated and moving forward.

10 Daily Habits

5 Goals to Reach in the Next 90 days

If I asked you to come up with five goals that would significantly move your life forward, personally and/or professionally, in the next 90 days what would you choose?

5 Goals in 90 Days

Six Step Goal Planner

This handy Goal Planner will help you to think through, plan and execute your goals.

Goal Planner

Article: Declutter your Life

In my experience, there’s nothing more invigorating at any time of year than to shake things up a bit and do some Decluttering. It feels great, it will fill you with a renewed sense of energy and it will help you to move forward in your life. It does wonders for confidence, too.

Declutter Your Life

Article: Beating Procrastination

Seasoned procrastinators will find almost anything to do as a diversionary tactic from the task they know they should be doing. It’s amazing how many trivial jobs just have to be done when we’re faced with a gnarly project or challenging task.

How to Beat Procrastination

Quick Quiz – Is your Life in Balance?

Is your life in balance?  Are you creating the life you want or are there changes you could make to improve your life?

Take our quick quiz here:

How Well is Your Life in Balance?

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