From Darkness Into Light

A couple of weeks ago I went to an Advent Procession service in Salisbury Cathedral. The service began in total darkness and then gradually, to the sound of the most sublime choral plainsong, hundreds of candles all around the vast space of the Cathedral were lit and the procession began. It was a deeply moving and uplifting experience.

Advent is, of course, all about the coming of the Light.  But we're not far now from the Winter Solstice; that day in the depths of winter that heralds the turning of the earth from winter to spring – from darkness into light.

I found myself reflecting on this and all the different meanings of the coming of the light.  For some it will have a profound religious / spiritual significance.  For others it may bring a sense of hope and optimism that from that point in December the days will gradually lengthen as we move towards spring.  A looking forward to the moment when the natural world stirs and the first green shoots start to appear above the ground.

But what about the less obvious aspects of moving from darkness into light?  Could it be removing the cloak that's kept you covered from the world and stepping into the light of who you really are?  Making the brave decision to move out of a job or relationship that's kept you in the dark into one that brings joy and light into your life?  Is it giving yourself permission to be who you know you really are – with all your unique gifts, talents and abilities – not repressed by the expectations of others?  Is it doing something really outrageous to ignite a spark in yourself and in your life?  What might that look and feel like?
These are big questions. After the festivities of Christmas are over, the crackers pulled and the last morsel of turkey and Christmas pudding finished up, the period between Christmas and the New Year can be a great time for reflection. Could 2011 be the year that you choose to make some significant changes?  What would bring more light into your life?
Wherever you are and whatever you do, I wish you a wonderful Christmas and a happy and peaceful New Year.

© Annabel Sutton, Coaching Tips – 2010

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