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 If you’re a procrastinator you’ll know how procrastination can blight your life.

  • The same things show up on your to-do list week after week
  • You put things off until the last minute and meet deadlines by the skin of your teeth
  • Incomplete tasks and projects are piling up
  • There are jobs you just can’t seem to get started on
  • Your heart sinks when you think about all the things you still haven’t done
  • You find it hard to make decisions
  • You miss out on opportunities because of your failure to act

I know all this because for as long as I can remember I’ve been a procrastinator. And I know what a nightmare it can be.

In my experience there’s only one way to beat procrastination — and that’s to make yourself accountable.  And that’s what the Procrastination Buster Day is all about.

By taking part you will:

  • Get started on that project you’ve been putting off
  • Get jobs done that have been on your To-Do List for ages
  • Take action and keep the momentum going
  • Do more in one day than you have in weeks

How does the Procrastination Buster Day work?

You don’t have to travel anywhere to take part.  All you need is access to a phone and a list of tasks to be done.

At 10am everyone calls in on a conference line. After introductions each person states their goals for the day and commits to doing them. Then we hang up and get started.

At 1pm there’s a second group call to report on progress, share successes, make further commitments and get help and support if needed.

At 4pm everyone calls in again to report progress and celebrate their success.

You have access to Annabel at all times for motivation, inspiration, support and help if needed

You’ll receive a Procrastination Buster Tips Sheet full of great ideas for beating procrastination and making the most of the day

You’ll get lots of support and motivation. Everyone’s there for the same reason and you’ll find that the power, energy and enthusiasm generated by the group will help give you the focus and commitment you need to zap those jobs once and for all.

What do you need to do?

  • Have a list of tasks — or one specific task — that you want to take action on
  • Have a clear space of time on the PBD between 10am and 4.30pm
  • Have access to the phone and a minimum of interruptions
  • Come with a willingness and determination to get stuck in and get lots done

Next Procrastination Buster Day:

Coming Soon!



Please join us!  The cost is only £45 (of which £5 will be donated to charity)


Space is limited, so book as soon as possible to guarantee a place


PBD participants have enjoyed a 100% success rate. This is what they say:

I found the PBD a fantastic and productive use of time and well worth the investment. It enabled me to totally rearrange my home office to make it more manageable, plus I completed a number of other items that had been on my ‘to-do’ list for months. I would recommend this to anyone!

Anna Golawski, Work Life Balance Coach, Brighton

I participated in Annabel’s PBD and found it absolutely brilliant — a genius idea! I achieved so much in a day and actually lifted an enormous load off my mind by doing my chosen tasks. It was great hearing everyone else’s experiences and realising I am not alone in my procrastinatory habits and sharing each other’s ideas. Everyone was very honest and open and encouraging and I not only got a load done — I actually enjoyed doing it!

Clare Flynn, Management Consultant, London

A day like this is worth its weight in gold. I find it incredible how much more I achieved than on an ordinary Saturday. It really works.

John Cutts, Personal Development Consultant

Annabel’s PBD gave me the structure and support to get something done which I had been putting off for weeks, and to get started on something I’ve been putting off for years!

Roz Ivanic, Lancaster

What a great way to tackle the things you’ve been putting off! A very satisfying day’s work.

Sue Brown, The Identity Coach

Being accountable to a group in real time was a great feature. I flagged on more than one occasion but knowing that I’d have to report back to everyone got me going again. And it was great to hear how the others got on – sharing ideas, helping and supporting. Please do this again because I want another go!

Jane Howitt, Online Copywriter

guaranteeYou have NOTHING TO LOSE as I offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

If you don’t make progress during the day your money will be returned (though this has never happened)

Interested, but not ready to pay yet?  Or you’d like more information before you decide?

contact-annabel-suttonTo register an interest and to ask questions please call 07778 429839 or feel free to contact me here


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