Property (Investing) Support Group for Women

Starting at the end of March (only THREE spaces available)

Investing in property is a very rewarding business to be in, but it can be challenging.  It’s hard work and it can be really tough if you’re doing it all on your own.  This group is designed to provide an opportunity for anyone interested in property (regardless of experience) to get together to learn, share knowledge, resources and experience, to network and to support each other to achieve their personal property goals.

This group is for you if ….

♦  you’ve always dreamed of getting into property but put it off because you’re afraid of ‘doing the wrong thing’ and losing money …

♦  you feel you don’t have all the knowledge you need to be sure you’re buying a good investment …

♦  you’re completely overwhelmed by all the information and facts out there and don’t know what to believe or where to start …

♦  you’d like to be able to learn from people who are already doing it, have the experience, learned from their mistakes and are happy to share their knowledge …

♦  you’d love to create an alternative income stream and perhaps, ultimately, be in a position to give up the day job …

♦  you’re already involved in property investing – maybe already have a portfolio – but you’re finding it a lonely business …

Knowledge/content will be shared depending on what everyone needs, but topics could include:

Overview of property investment strategies
Working out yields / return on investment
Hidden costs in buying property
How to get into property if you don’t have lots of money
Financing deals
Where to invest
How to find good deals
Joint ventures
…  and much more

More than anything, though, taking part in the group will provide you with lots of support and encouragement to feel the fear and do it anyway.  You’ll be setting your own goals and the group format will provide accountability to stay focused and on track so that you achieve them.


Who are your Facilitators?

Louise Nicholson, LB Property Partners

Louise’s corporate background is in I.T. where she worked for 18 years until a series of stressful events left her debilitated with M.E. and unable to work for over 4 years. With exhausted funds, Louise began her property journey in 2012 with the sole purpose of survival. Currently with 9 properties and more projects in progress, Louise is well on the way to building a £2 million portfolio. She specialises in working with joint venture partners and converting properties in her local area into HMOs (Houses of Multiple Occupation).  Louise’s key objectives are to inspire and energise others to take action and transform their lives through healthy living, financial awareness, personal development and growth.

Annabel Sutton, Professional Certified Coach  
Annabel has run her own coaching business for 15 years, working with individuals and groups to help and support them to achieve their personal and professional goals.  She specialises in facilitating support groups where each participant benefits from the combined knowledge, experience and support of the rest of the group – and typically achieves significantly more than they would on their own.  In 2013 Annabel undertook a one-year property mentoring programme with the Property Mastery Academy and has since immersed herself in the property world.  Her aim is to combine her passion for property with her love of coaching and to help others to achieve their property goals.

Don’t let another year slip by … Now’s the time to take action

Why not join us and make your property dream a reality.  The first group will start on the 28th March and meet on Saturday mornings (10-1) in Tisbury (South Wiltshire) once a month for three months.

The cost is £45 per session with a 10% discount for payment for 3 sessions in advance (£120).

There are only three spaces left.

Contact us now to reserve your place or for more information.