Spring into Action – It’s the Perfect Moment …

QUESTION:  Three frogs are sitting on a water-lily leaf. Two decide to jump. How many are left? 

ANSWER:  Three. It's not enough simply to decide to jump; you've actually got to do it! 

This is an old riddle, but it's a good reminder that thinking or dreaming about doing something isn't enough – you've got to get into action as well. 

After what has seemed like a very long winter, the days are at last becoming longer and a little warmer, the natural world is getting on with its cycle of growth and activity, and this Tip is all about shaking off the heavy mantle of winter and starting to grow by taking action. 
I'm writing this Tip on the Spring Equinox – a particularly auspicious time to be emerging from hibernation and looking to the future. Is there anything that you've been thinking about doing, or a dream or goal that may have lain dormant over winter?  Do you feel ready to jump off the lily pad and into the pond? Are you ready to make a big splash? If so, here are some ideas to help get you started:

Choose three goals that you feel would significantly improve your life, either personally or professionally, and concentrate your energy on those.

Check in with yourself to make sure these are goals that genuinely invigorate and motivate you – not goals you feel you should do.

Chunk each goal down into small, easily achieveable steps and give each one a deadline.

Ask yourself: Do I have all the resources (time, energy, financial) I need to achieve this goal? 

Make sure you have adequate and effective support structures in place to keep you accountable for your progress, pick you up if you falter and celebrate your successes.
Now you have a plan in place, what's the first thing you need to do to get started?
If you're not ready to start moving towards a major goal or dream, here's a nice, gentle way to ease into action. It's one of my favourite exercises for those moments when you're feeling a bit lethargic, stuck, or unproductive:

Ten Tiny Changes:

List ten small changes you'd like to make. Start each item on your list with the words "I would like to ……………."

Think of all the things that have lain dormant over the winter months – things that you've been putting off until you had more energy – things that will really make a difference and make you feel good.  Aim to cross at least one of those things off your list this week.

Enjoy the coming of Spring and …

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