What If …?

Last November I sat down at a table at Costa Coffee, opened my notebook and wrote What If …? at the top of the page.  Half an hour later I left with a completely new structure for my coaching business — focusing only on those aspects which I’m really passionate about and which I find the most joyful — and letting go of the rest. This year I’ve been putting that structure into practice and it has made a radical difference to the way I approach, and feel about, my work. m What If… questions can lead you to exciting … Continue reading

From Darkness Into Light

A couple of weeks ago I went to an Advent Procession service in Salisbury Cathedral. The service began in total darkness and then gradually, to the sound of the most sublime choral plainsong, hundreds of candles all around the vast space of the Cathedral were lit and the procession began. It was a deeply moving and uplifting experience. Advent is, of course, all about the coming of the Light.  But we're not far now from the Winter Solstice; that day in the depths of winter that heralds the turning of the earth from winter to spring – from darkness into … Continue reading