More Testimonials

Helped Me Get So Much Value from My Life

Coaching helped me regain a sense of clarity and balance about the different areas of my life. It also helped me to build the confidence to have a go. You have helped me to get the value out of my life – not sure what price you can put on that. It has been invaluable.

Isabelle Perrett, Interchange Ltd

Achieving So Much More

Working with Annabel made me feel that things are POSSIBLE, made me feel INSPIRED. I have changed so much over the past months and I’m achieving so much more.

Jane Howitt, Copywriter & Editor

Warm, Supportive and Utterly Brilliant!

Annabel has helped me focus on and deal with several issues I was really struggling with. Her approach is warm and supportive as well as being firm and challenging and this has enabled me to find the courage and confidence to take some huge steps forward. Thanks Annabel, I think you’re completely brilliant!

Pam D, Counsellor

Caring, Understanding and Very Dynamic

I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Annabel. She is caring, understanding and very dynamic! She gets you where you want to be, a lot quicker than you had expected. I haven’t looked back – I love doing my job, I have the backing of a great coach and my business is doing great. Thanks Annabel.

Denise B, Complementary Health

Very Positive Experience I Would Recommend to Anyone

I found my life coaching experience very positive, and I would recommend it to anyone who needs some encouragement to get them going with things they’d like to change in their life … I found myself really looking forward to getting stuck into my tasks for the week and it was very satisfying to tick off some of those ‘never get around to’ jobs.

Terri F, Community Social Worker

Helped Get My Life Back on Track

A year ago I had a big corporate job, worked 60+ hours a week, earned great money, but had no time for myself, family, friends and although I had worked hard to get where I was I just didn’t feel as though I was on track with my life… However, I was petrified of taking the leap of faith required to leave behind a successful career that I had worked hard to achieve and start trying to make my dreams a reality. Annabel has helped me hugely, helping me work through my options, fears, dreams and aspirations. I feel like my life is on track now and I am working towards achieving some of my lifelong dreams.


Compassionate Objectivity

Being trained as a lawyer has made me somewhat cynical, and I have sometimes thought that glowing testimonials could not possibly be true, but this one is: following Annabel’s advice, and responding to her kind and constant encouragement really has changed my life. Her compassionate objectivity was exactly what I needed, and contacting her was undoubtedly one of the most useful things I have ever done.

Anon, Lawyer

Much Needed Structure and Motivation to Act

When it seemed that there was little space for anything but work, my sessions with you gave me a much needed opportunity to direct my attention towards myself, my life, where I was, where I wanted to be, and how I intended to get there! The discipline of checking in with you regularly and being accountable for what I had achieved gave me much needed structure and motivation to get on with things instead of just contemplating them.

Sarah T, Financial Director

My Life Back On-Track

It is an absolute pleasure to work with Annabel. I now have my life on-track with a healthy balance between work, home and free time, an important element for anyone working in their own business.

Julie Ann Whittaker, Synergys Public Relations

Brought Balance Back to My Life

I wanted to express my overwhelming gratitude for the balance you have given back to my life through your coaching. With your assistance and guidance I have now made much more time for myself, in spite of being busier at work than ever.

Kerry Blake, Independent Financial Adviser

Striding Towards my Future

You managed, through your objective viewpoint, to put into perspective several major issues that were floating around in my mind on the brink of crises! I am now more aware of where I want to go and am more organised and confident in making strides to get there.

Elaine P, Bank Manager

From Stuck to Unstuck

Annabel, I really love your coaching style – I can hear you smiling with me down the phone, and bringing lightness to my heaviness. You’ve helped me shift from being stuck to being unstuck: I knew what I had to do, but you made me feel supported enough for me to actually do it! Many thanks!

Amanda Alexander, Coach

Buzzing with Ideas

Thank you so much for a great session yesterday. It really achieved all of my objectives and left me buzzing with ideas that I just want to get on with!

Jan Spencer, Coach

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