Renewed Confidence, Direction and Sense of Self

I feel that many aspects of my life are currently being transformed. I have gained a confidence, direction and renewed sense of “self” that I did not think possible before I started working with Annabel. Since coaching, I approach all aspects of my life with a calm and positive outlook using the skills I possess and now have an armoury of strategies to deal with every situation that life may throw at me.The effects and benefits of my experience are clearly visible in my personal and professional life and I would recommend coaching to anyone.

Wendy Bates, Strategic Project Manager, Speedy Services

Incredibly Motivated and Inspired

Coaching has been an incredibly positive experience. From day one it immediately made me assess areas of my life that were not working for me and gave me the motivation and courage to take the appropriate action. It has opened my mind and encouraged me to think creatively, follow my dreams and start turning them into a reality for both myself and my family.

M. Mead, Wiltshire

A New Job, a New Business and Lots More Confidence

Annabel gave me the support, encouragement and direction to make a difference to my life. She has inspired me and given me the confidence to go back into nursing, and start a new business in the health and lifestyle industry. She has taught me to reflect and write down where I see myself in the future and what I want to achieve. This has allowed me to have some focus and direction in life. My commitment and confidence have grown along with my desire to achieve what I set out to.

Jacqueline Lyons

Feeling Stronger and Taller after Every Session!

I found my sessions with Annabel hugely helpful. Together we identified some issues that were holding me back in my life. Speaking to her helped me see things from a new perspective. Her vast wealth of exercises and techniques helped me highlight my strengths which in turn made me feel better about myself and gave me more confidence. I came away from every session feeling stronger, taller and more hopeful. I found it expecially nice that Annabel would send me emails asking how I was doing and offered support from afar as well as collected things or ideas for me between visits. After my final session I have come away with a plan of action for the future. I highly recommend Life Coaching with Annabel.

Maia from Shaftesbury

“No namby pamby advice …”

I have sought advice from professionals before but I found that with Annabel, the advice she gave was practical, doable and above all, gentle.  I really felt I could move forward and change my life having spoken to her, and not too many sessions were required either.  No namby pamby advice which I find a total turn off.  I thank her most sincerely for her reassurance and calmness.

June Butchart, Salisbury

A “Michelin Three Star” Coach!

When Michelin starts rating life coaches, Annabel will get my vote for the exceptional three stars! Her support contains equal measures of integrity, intuition, kindness and pragmatism – all with the zest of humour. These ingredients make her the ideal travel companion on the often bumpy journeys of making changes and realising goals.

DP of Manchester

A Masterful Coach with High Integrity

Annabel has the qualities you should seek in a masterful coach – to name but a few… high integrity, advanced listening skills, the ability to cut to the heart of the matter with incisive questioning, warmth and intelligence. I highly recommend her!

Amanda Alexander, Director www.CoachingMums.com

So Much Change for the Better!

I can’t believe that in only one year so much as changed and for the better. I have restructured my finances, paid off all my debt, earned an extra £10,000, cleared a load of clutter and am now about to embark on a new adventure in a new job. I have looked forward to every call with Annabel.

CF, Management Consultant, London

A New Sense of Purpose and Direction

Starting from a situation where I had no idea what I was doing, where I was going or how to get there, to a position where I now have a plan to go forward, a sense of purpose and direction.

L.M., Salisbury

A Testament to the Best in her Profession

I would highly recommend Annabel. The time I spent with her was completely worthwhile and very constructive and she is testament to the best of her profession.

C.R. Salisbury

Priceless Life Changes

I believe that I could not put a price on what you have given me and how it has changed the way I feel and the way I live my life.

Nicola Foster, MA, FCIPD

Smashing through Goals in Record Time

I turned to Annabel as I sensed it was a turning point for my business when I could either quit or move forward. Working with Annabel has enabled me to achieve success I couldn’t even have dreamt of. I’ve lost count of the number of goals we’ve smashed through in record time. All the skills I needed were already there, but Annabel gave me the confidence and helped me to push through the barriers and achieve much more than I had imagined.

Jen Carter, Salisbury

Wisdom, Guidance and Wise Suggestions

It’s really uncanny – when I’ve needed direction you have been there at the right time with your wisdom, guidance and wise suggestions. On many occasions you seem to have your finger on the pulse of an issue before I’ve even spotted it myself. I guess that’s one of the benefits of working close with a coach you can trust.

Simon, Cheshire

Running Own Business and Increased Self-Belief

I am now self-employed and working at enhancing my own business, something I have wanted to do for some time. I needed the self-belief to enable me to do this and the coaching sessions really helped me to achieve this.

Hazel Howard, Hazel Howard Consultancy

Positive, Patient and Inspirational

You have been fantastically helpful – inspirational, positive and patient by turns – and I am deeply grateful. I would recommend your services without hesitation. You have helped me move on, face challenges and grow. Thank you.

Dr. A.R., Lecturer

More Confidence and Determination!

Before I started my coaching sessions I was really unsure and unconfident about where my future lay, but throughout the sessions I have come to recognise the strengths I have and the ability I have to achieve what I want to do. I have a really clear picture of what my future can look like, and I am more determined than ever to get there!

Alissa C, Internet Entrepreneur

An Incredible Influence on My Life

I want you to know what an incredible influence you have had on my life and how I view the world. You made me believe that anything is possible with belief, honesty and action…

V.H., McPhee Associates

Fast, Ferrety and Inspired

Annabel is the fastest, most ferrety, most inspired coach I have ever experienced.

Judi Goodwin, Trainer & Journalist

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